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How to Choose the Best Home Builder in Los Altos CA
March 12, 2018
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Home Builder Los Altos, CA

5 Things to Look For When Choosing a Home Builder
For Your Los Altos, CA Home

Art Luxury Home Builder Constructs Custom Elegance To Build Your Dream Home

When selecting a home builder for your Los Altos custom home building project, look for quality craftsmanship, good communication, and experience with homes like the one you want to build. Sorting among the many different home builders to find the best home builder for you requires careful planning and a great partner.

Here are five tips for selecting your custom home builder in Los Altos, CA.

1. Do Your Homework

After making a list of possible home builders, be sure to do some homework. Ask questions of each contractor to find the best home builder for your project. Ask family members, friends, and coworkers for recommendations.
Ask each potential contractor about their experience with homes like the one you want to build and get references.

2. Take a Road Trip

When you’ve gotten some references, ask each if you can visit the home and see the handiwork first hand. If your contractor has done the job right, most homeowners will be thrilled to show off the work. Ask the references if they would hire the home builder again, if there were any issues, and what it was like to work with them.

3. Ask Questions

You’re thinking about a significant investment and trusting a home builder to create the home you’ve dreamed of. That means there are no dumb questions. In fact, asking questions early on is a good way to assess how you will interact with the builder.
You want to have a transparent relationship, where you trust the builder to deliver estimates and timelines when promised. You also want a builder who will met project milestones.
Make sure you understand their beliefs on sustainability and the types of materials they will use on your home. Also be sure to know what decisions you’ll need to make and when.

4. Project Management

Building a home is a complex process with lots of moving parts. Permitting, deliveries, subcontractors, and approvals all need to be scheduled and timed properly. Employees need to be managed and the quality of work needs to be maintained from start to finish.
You want a home builder who will own the project on your behalf, ensuring that your needs and wants are met and that you’re able to move into the home when you’re planning to. Be sure to ask both potential contactors and their references about project management.

5. Quality Matters Most
When you open the door to your new home, you want to be in dwelling you know is built with quality materials, quality craftsmanship, and an attention to detail. You don’t want to worry about replacing systems or appliances, needing to make repairs, or having shoddy work disappoint you.

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